Historically, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has been a service provided to
Rockwall County residents, both incorporated and unincorporated, by Rockwall
County. Cities in the County did not have a role in determining levels of service
or bear any cost in the provision of the service. In the past several years
Rockwall County has been faced with unprecedented growth and in 2003 was
named by the U.S. Census as the fastest growing County in the U.S. With the
growth and urbanization of the County it was felt that a long term approach to
providing EMS service needed to be considered to ensure that service levels
desired by residents in this fast-growing County are met.

In the fall of 2002 several cities in the County asked the County to consider
forming a Task Force consisting of representatives from the County and from
each of the cities within the county to consider options and develop a plan. The
Task Force was created in late 2002 and out of that effort the Rockwall County
Emergency Services Corporation was formed. The membership of the Corporation, which is a local government corporation, includes the County and all seven municipalities within the County. Member jurisdictions maintain their sovereignty and share in the development, implementation, and funding of emergency service programs.

The governing structure incorporates a governing board consisting of representation from each city and the county. All board members share equally
in the responsibility of managing the corporation. Within that structure two or
more members may agree to create a special service under the corporation to
provide specific services, such as EMS service. Only those entities participating
in that special service would have the responsibility of funding the service and
making the decisions as to how the service is provided.

The first program of the Corporation is to establish efficient, effective, and
affordable EMS services for Rockwall County and all participating jurisdictions.
Jurisdictions financially participating in this initial effort include the Cities of Fate,
Heath, McLendon-Chisholm, Mobile City, Rockwall, Royse City and Rockwall
County. Since the City of Rowlett currently provides its own ambulance service
to portions of its city located within Rockwall County, Rowlett is not participating
in this particular effort. However, a Rowlett representative still sits on the
Emergency Services Corporation Board and may participate in other programs
related to emergency services. In the future, ventures of the EMS Corporation
may include a collaborative effort to establish a safe, affordable gun range for law
enforcement personnel as we ll as a training facility for volunteer fire departments
throughout Rockwall County.

The board prepared specifications and a funding plan, and developed a contract
for EMS services. Each city is now going through the process of approving the
budget for the service. Service under the new contract should begin in June of
this year. The County of Rockwall Emergency Services Corporation is a unique,
effective collaboration between the county and all jurisdictions within the county,
and it has proven to be a great asset to the Rockwall community by providing
effective EMS services to its members on a cost-sharing basis. By working
together, taxpayer monies are utilized in the most prudent manner, and efficient,
effective emergency services are provided on a county-wide basis.

Please contact us at the e-mail addresses listed on our contact page
or call our main number at station #1, (972) 771-7770.


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