Thomas Nalls Fire Station #2

920 Rockwall Parkway
Rockwall, TX 75032

General Information
This station opened January 2, 2002 and was dedicated to Thomas H. Nalls who retired from the department with 41 years of service, including years as Chief, Captain and Firefighter. Funding for this station was provided by a 1997 bond election.

Hugh Thomas Nalls
Hugh Thomas Nalls is 72 years of age and was born in Mesquite, Texas. Thomas moved to Rockwall in 1930. Thomas protected the United States by serving in the United States Army from 1950 to 1952. Thomas received military commendations for his 18 months over sea's duty, of which some was actually in Korea. He completed his military service at the rank of Corporal. After he completed his military service, Thomas joined the Rockwall Volunteer Fire Department on October 12, 1959 and served protecting the lives and property of the citizens of Rockwall for 41 years. He held the position of Firefighter, Captain, and Chief of the department during his dedicated years of service. Thomas maintained his composure during many tragic incidents, which he worked. He is an inspiration to his fellow firefighters. He eagerly and unselfishly shares his many years of knowledge to both new and veteran firemen. Thomas is a leader by all standards, however, he is so dedicated to the department that he is not above following commands. He is the most respected individual within the department. It never mattered what task needed to be carried out, Thomas was one of the first to do it. During the last eight years of his emergency service career, he responded to more emergency calls than any other fireman did. Thomas is a very soft-spoken man, but when he said something, all his peers took it to heart. Thomas not only saved the citizens by protecting their lives and property, he prevented many firemen from being injured or killed throughout his career. In the 41 years that Thomas served the Rockwall Fire Department, he attended training only within the department, yet he is one of the most knowledgeable firefighters within our department. This alone says so much, because the department is made up of 60 % paid career firefighters. Thomas has received the department firefighter of the year award 6 times and was selected as the Rotary Firefighter of the Year in 1986 for Rockwall County. At that time, there were more than 130 active firefighters within the county. Hugh Thomas Nalls retired on January 01, 2001 and he has left a legacy that no one who served with him will ever forget.

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