Weather Response 

It is often necessary for the Street Department to respond to inclement weather events such as high winds, heavy rains, and freezing precipitation. The City’s priority during a high wind event is to clear all public streets and alleys to allow for safe travel which includes the removal of downed trees/limbs and related debris. During times of wintery precipitation the street network will be monitored and streets sanded according to priority as determined by the Streets and Police Departments.

To continually improve traffic flow and drainage through a pro-active, customer based approach focused on exceeding customer expectations.

The Street Department’s priority is serving the community.  The department is responsible for the City’s maintenance network of 161 miles of public streets and roadways.  Areas of maintenance include:

  • streets
  • alleys
  • sidewalks
  • storm drains
  • street signage
  • pavement markings
  • storm water drainage system

Service Request Information
Services are performed as determined through daily scheduling by City staff. However, the service request system is set up to receive requests and input from citizens. Service requests may be submitted online through the department’s webpage or by calling Customer Service at (972) 772-6791

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Streets & Drainage Issues

Customer Service at (972) 772-6791
Normal Hours of Operation
8:00 am through 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.
After hours, weekends and holidays, please call the
Rockwall Police Department at (972) 771-7724

Street Light Repairs
Street Lights are owned, operated and maintained by the Electric Utility Companies, however; the City of Rockwall will forward any street light malfunction requests to the appropriate utility company.  To report a malfunction, submit the issue as a service request online or call the Street Department Customer Service line at (972) 772-6791.

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The following are utility service providers within the City of Rockwall service area:


  • TXDOT Map
  • Maintenance Map – City/State/County