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Construction Restrictions
The City Council has approved an amendment to the city’s noise ordinance that forbids construction work on New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The amendment is intended to allow residents a timeout from construction noise on the designated holidays. It applies only to contractors and not to homeowners.

Jeffrey Widmer
Building Official
(972) 772-6453

Rusty McDowell
Inspections Supervisor
(972) 772-6748

Permit Techs
Denise Gang
(972) 771-7709


Jared Yancey
(972) 772-6472

Mike Tiehen
(972) 772-6451

Mike Angelo
(972) 772-6481

Inspectors are in the office from 7:30-8:30 a.m. and 4:00-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


CSST Amendments
Click here to view recent CSST amendments to the 2015 International Residential Code and 2015 International Fuel Gas Code.

To provide quality buildings and structures for the City of Rockwall by providing high quality customer service; helping accomplish our Hometown 2K plan; examining plans, specifications for compliance with applicable codes; administration & enforcement of all laws regulating construction; educating our employees on current codes and changing laws; regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of material, and use of occupancy, location, and maintenance of all building structures and properties within the City.



Recognition for our Building Inspections Department Personnel:
Protecting the public’s health, safety and welfare is a building inspection department’s highest priority. The construction of safe buildings is achieved through the adoption and application of nationally recognized building codes. The International Code Council or ICC is a nationally recognized association which publishes the International Building Codes. The City of Rockwall has adopted these codes and our Building Inspections Personnel are charged with permitting and inspecting all construction activities within the City, in conformance to these standards. Along with these code standards, ICC has developed a certification program through which building inspection professionals can test and earn nationally recognized certifications.  

Recognition is due to the Rockwall Building Inspection Department. The staff has earned many certifications through the International Code Council and because every staff member within the department has earned ICC certifications, the department has received an achievement recognition issued by ICC. The award recently received by the department recognizes our Building Inspection Department as 100% certified. Being awarded the 100% certified recognition acknowledges the professionalism of the entire department and reflects the high level of training, technical knowledge and competence of all members of our Building Inspection Staff.

Do you need a permit for that project?
If you are considering remodeling your home or business, adding an arbor or fence to your yard or a new roof or retaining wall, be sure you or your contractor applies for a building permit from the City of Rockwall first.  

Plumbing, mechanical or electrical work; irrigation systems, swimming pools or hot tubs; signs and banners; accessory buildings or demolitions; and driveways, patios, patio covers and decks also require building permits.

“Building codes are adopted and inspections completed to address safety issues and hopefully to avoid problems for our residents in the future,” Mr.Widmer, Building Official, noted.


To schedule an inspection, please click on the box below.

The inspection request lines are available 24 hours a day. Inspection requests received after 7:30 a.m. will be scheduled for the next business day.

Listed below are the most frequently requested Buliding Inspection Reports.
This list will be updated on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.

  Building Permits Issued

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  Certificate of Occupancy Applications

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Permit Requirements
CO For Existing Buildings

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Commercial Permit
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