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We are committed as a city to take a leadership role in the environmental stewardship by promoting environmental awareness and global thinking. As a member of the community, we are dedicated to promoting ecological sustainable action. We know as a city that sustainability reaches far beyond the walls of our city and we are dedicated to do our part.

What is the 'Water My Yard" Program?
The Water My Yard Program ( is a new program and website that solves two of the biggest problems in getting homeowners to use science-based methods to determine when and how much water to apply to their lawns:

  1. Most homeowners do not know what ET (evapotranspiration) is or how to use it to determine water requirements.

2. Most homeowners do not know the precipitation rate of their sprinklers or the water holding capacity and root zone depths of their yards, all of which are required to determine irrigation runtimes.

The WaterMyYard website employs simple, intuitive images and information prompts. With a few clicks, homeowners get recommendations on how long (in minutes) to run their irrigation systems. Users then can quickly set their email options to have these recommendations sent to them each week.

The WaterMyYard Program was first launched in May 2013 as a joint effort of the Irrigation Technology Program of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and the North Texas Water Municipal Water District.

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Water My Yard - Summary Graphic