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The City of Rockwall’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is built on ESRI's ArcGIS 10 platform with data stored in SQL-Server/ArcGIS Server.

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  Abstract Index Address Points Airport
  Banks Cell Towers Cemeteries
  Churches City Limits Gas Stations
  Historical Structures Lake Ray Hubbard Landmarks
  Parks Ponds Public Safety
  Railroad Schools Streams
  Streets Subdivisions Trees
  Zip Codes    
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  Projection: State Plane NAD83 Texas North Central Zone 4202, Lambert Conformal Conic, Feet
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DISCLAIMER: The City of Rockwall does not guarantee accuracy or completeness of GIS information. Usage of this information is solely at the risk of the end user. The City of Rockwall makes no warranty, expressed or implied, of GIS products. The information shown herein is a product of the City of Rockwall Geographic Information Systems, and is intended for reference only.


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