Vision & Mission


To maintain a safe, attractive and thriving historic downtown district that is a cornerstone of the community.
The Main Street Advisory Board implements strategies that focus on accessibility within the growing downtown district, while supporting a thriving residential and commercial blend.

Downtown Rockwall is “the new find”! The area is experiencing a renaissance and is filled with activity as residents and visitors rediscover its charm. It’s not by chance, as years of thoughtful planning and focused energy have given new life to the downtown district, reestablishing it as the heart of the community.

  The 4 Point Approach

Organization – builds partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in downtown; builds a pathway to leadership in local efforts by launching community-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit entities that empower residents and investors to collaborate for sustainable revitalization.
Promotion – promotes a positive image of downtown to a variety of audiences; focuses on authentic community assets, with high-quality image development campaigns and events that will attract new shoppers, visitors, and residents
Design – focuses on the physical elements of downtown such as storefronts, signs, landscaping, and public spaces; targets infrastructure and building improvements that lay the groundwork for a physical transformation that will be both functional and attractive.
Economic Restructuring – identifies new market opportunities for the downtown area; redefines the district’s niche in the marketplace and sharpens the competitiveness of existing businesses, while nurturing new enterprises that respond to today’s consumers’ needs.

Advisory Board

Meetings & Agendas
Main Street Advisory Board Application


Board Members

Evan Matteson, Chair
Claudette Hatfield, Vice Chair
Sarah Freed, Secretary
Daniel Nichols
Priscylla Bento
Jeremy Standifer
Terry Gregory

Main Street Manager

Bethany Browning
P (972) 772-6400
F (972) 771-7727