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City Council Votes to Lower Tax Rate for Rockwall Residents for Fourth Year in a Row

Rockwall, Texas – September 19, 2017 - At their regular meeting last night, the Rockwall City Council voted to decrease taxes more than three cents, making this the fourth straight year to implement a decrease. The 2016-17 rate was the lowest since 2008, and this year's rate goes below that. In the vote, the Council adopted a balanced budget and a 3.07 cent decrease in the tax rate.

The City Council directed staff to prepare a balanced budget based on the effective tax rate, which allows the City to collect the same amount in taxes as the year before. The new tax rate of 42.36 cents per $100 of valuation is down from the 45.43 cents adopted in the 2016-17 fiscal year budget.

Some of the highlights of the 2017-2018 budget include:   

  • General Operating Budget of $32.7 million
  • Total assessed value of $5.2 billion
  • One new traffic officer in the Police Department
  • One new Public Works employee
  • Funding for a new Fire Explorer program in the Fire Department
  • $1.4 million for street maintenance and repairs

"The City Council had to make some tough decisions this year about what could be funded and what couldn't," said Rockwall Mayor, Jim Pruitt. "I think City Manager Rick Crowley has done a good job balancing the needs of maintaining a high standard of City services, while being mindful of how the budget impacts our residents."

The new budget reflects the City Council's ongoing commitment to fiscal responsibility, while continuing to address important services such as public safety, parks and recreation, street repair and maintenance, as well as water and waste water services. The City's fiscal year for 2018 begins on October 1.

I-30 Pavement Repair Project Kicks Off

Rockwall, Texas – TxDOT is beginning a full depth concrete repair project on I-30 all the way through Rockwall County from the Dallas County Line to the Hunt County Line.

The 14.9 mile long project contract was awarded to O. Trevino Construction, LLC for $2.3 million. The contractor will work with two crews at either end of the project. The crews will work in two-mile stretches toward each other, one lane at a time in order to expedite the project.

Lane closures are expected to be conducted on weeknights. To get updated information about lane closures go to

Motorists are urged to be mindful of workers in the construction zone. TxDOT asks for the patience of the traveling public during this project.

City of Rockwall Seeks Residents’ Input to Address Future Growth and Change

Rockwall, Texas – August 7, 2017 – Rockwall’s growth rate has significantly increased over the past two decades. In fact, since the Hometown 2000 Comprehensive Plan was adopted, the City’s population has more than doubled, from 20,528 in 2000 to 41,370 in 2017. In an effort to keep pace with that growth, City leaders have been working recently to update the comprehensive plan. Now they’re seeking input from residents to help determine the City’s goals, policies and overall vision for years to come. 

The City Council created the Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC) earlier this year, and the citizen-led group has been working since February to formalize proposed changes. The CPAC has created a website with the changes posted for residents to review and comment. The group is looking for feedback on changes relating to land use, thoroughfare plan, and growth management in areas such as open space, public services, economic development and community character, just to name a few. To access the website and provide input, please click here.

The comprehensive plan is designed to guide the future actions of the community, to direct the City Council on policy and expenditure decisions regarding land use and development, as well update the 20-year vision for the City. After input is received, there will be a series of public hearings before the plan is sent to the Council for adoption.

City of Rockwall
2016 Annual Report

Known for its vibrant landscapes and rich history, the City of Rockwall has become a hub for activity in recent years. Rockwall was once a small, primarily residential, scenic city by the lake. Now, with more than 41,000 residents, Rockwall is a growing community that offers dynamic business opportunities and an extraordinary quality of life for its residents. 2016 Annual Report...

City of Rockwall Works to Protect Storm Victims from Potential Scam Artists

ROCKWALL, TEXAS – April 4, 2017 – Homeowners are still working to recover from the storms that devastated their homes last week in North Rockwall—and the City of Rockwall is providing tips to protect residents from becoming victims of potential scam artists. Before the storm had subsided or the debris was even cleared away last Wednesday, contractors were in the Dalton Ranch neighborhood looking to repair homes in the area. Now the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has released a video featuring local leaders that warns residents of the dangers of potential scam artists: 

Trustworthy contractors will provide valuable services to homeowners in their recovery efforts. Tips provided by the Texas Department of Insurance for seeking needed repairs have been posted on the City’s website at:

For more information, please contact the Building Inspections Department at (972) .771-7709.

City of Rockwall gets
an "Excellent” Rating
for Transparency

The City of Rockwall received an excellent rating and ranked among the best in this area related to transparency in handling and responding to requests for public information. The City was one of 113 local agencies audited by The Dallas Morning News over a period of one year, a study in which the newspaper assessed how well state laws were followed regarding open access to information about how taxpayer money is spent and whether best practices were followed.

City of Rockwall Performs Regular Test of Outdoor Emergency Warning Siren

The City of Rockwall conducts regular tests on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 2:00 p.m. unless there is severe weather approaching or already in the DFW area.

For more information, please contact:
Joey Boyd
Director of Internal Operations
Phone: (972) 772-6408


Only Rain
Down The Drain

Do your part to help Keep Rockwall’s Waterway’s Clean!  Be on the lookout for pollutants that can damage our natural environment.  If you see any illicit/illegal discharges into our Inlets, Storm Sewers, Lakes, Creeks and Streams please report by calling (972)-772-6791.  Types of Illicit/illegal discharges:  Chlorinated backwash and draining associated with swimming pools, fertilizers, pesticides, lawn/landscape waste, household toxins, Industrial discharges, oil, anti-freeze, paint, cleaning fluids, sanitary sewer discharges, septic tank discharges, wash waters from commercial/industrial activities and washing machine discharges.

Current Area Lake Levels

Lake Ray Hubbard
Lake Lavon

Mayor Jim Pruitt
Open Office Hours at
City Hall

Mayor Jim Pruitt has announced he will have open office hours each Monday from Noon to 4 P.M. at Rockwall City Hall, 385 S. Goliad Street (one block south of the Downtown Square). more...

Rockwall City Council provides an Open Forum at each meeting

Open Forum is an opportunity for citizens to address the Council so that it can hear specific concerns or general comments. 

The Mayor and Council welcome any citizen wishing to address the City Council during the Open Forum providing that no public hearing is scheduled for the topic and comments be limited to (3) three minutes. 

The City Council does not typically respond to citizen concerns or take action during the meeting as a result of comments offered during Open Forum.  If directed by Council, the appropriate action to address a citizen’s concerns will be initiated by a member of the City Manager’s staff during normal business hours.

NTMWD Consumer
Confidence Report

The North Texas Municipal Water District 2015 Consumer Confidence Report is available on their website.  
NTMWD Consumer Cconfidence Report

Rockwall Needs a Trader Joe's

A group of enthusiastic citizens are using social media to recruit a Trader Joe’s to come to Rockwall. 

If you would like to show your support, like and share their Facebook page at Rockwall Needs a Trader Joe’s

Check out the free recipes and meal ideas at

Charter Cable
Programming Changes

Charter Communications has informed the City of Rockwall that its channel lineup is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of its customers.  Charter recently increased their total high-definition lineup, boosted the video on demand offering, and increased broadband speeds following a move to an All-Digital platform.  more...

Let's Tackle
Kitchen Grease!

Why Should I help?

  • Prevent grease buildups from blocking sewer lines.

  • Stop sewer overflows into streets and storm drains

  • Save money spent on costly cleanups of sewage spills.

  • Reduce the number of times you have to clean your
    grease trap (food services).

  • Protect the quality of our water.

    More (English)... | More (Spanish)...

Emergency Alert and
Preparedness Program Details

Rockwall, Texas – Rockwall County Emergency Management is currently utilizing a communications service that allows us to send important, valuable safety information directly to residents using the latest technology. more...

City of Rockwall Honored As
Preserve America Community

The City of Rockwall was recently honored with the designation as one of the nation’s newest Preserve America Communities. Preserve America is a federal initiative to encourage and support community efforts to preserve and enjoy America’s priceless cultural and natural heritage. more.

It's Just Better Here

VIDEO from the Rockwall EDC showcasing Rockwall.  The "Epic" 8 minute version  will be premiered at the North Texas Commercial Real Estate Expo (NTCAR) at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas in front of about 1,500-2,000 commercial brokers, etc.  We have done this show for years and we are always asked where's Rockwall?  Well...we are showing them!  Please share Rockwall, It's just better here.
watch the video..