Historic Preservation Advisory Board

What is the Historic Preservation Advisory Board (HPAB)?
The Historic Preservation Advisory Board (HPAB) was created on June 17, 1991 for the purpose of providing recommendations to the City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission concerning historic preservation. The board consists of seven (7) members appointed to two (2) year terms by the City Council. The board functions as an advisory board and is responsible for maintaining the Historic District through reviewing applications for construction, alteration, removal or demolition affecting proposed or designated properties within the Historic District. Additionally, it is the board's responsibility to review and approve Certificates of Appropriateness (COA) applications.

The HPAB typically meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers at City Hall. To view the HPAB's calendar please use the following link:
Who is on the HPAB?
Board members appointed to the Historic Preservation Advisory Board (HPAB) generally include: 1) An architect, planner or representative of a design profession, 2) A member of the Rockwall County Historical Foundation, 3) A general contractor, 4) An owner of property within a Historic District, and 5) Three (3) citizens of Rockwall interested in historic preservation. The current members of the HPAB are as follows:
What are the HPAB's specific duties?
Board members are responsible for performing the following duties:
  1. Provide professional recommendations to the City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission as required, regarding site plans, building alternatives, and building plans proposed within the Historic District. The board shall review site plans and building elevations placed before them within the period allowed for processing applications prior to submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission or City Council. The board shall prepare a written assessment of the proposed project regarding compliance with approved guidelines for development within the district, and its applicability in preserving and enhancing the history and culture of the district.

  2. Research, document and maintain the City's official Historic Database, which details information regarding the original construction and architecture contained within the district.

  3. Develop and maintain guidelines regarding development and redevelopment within the district including architectural design, material selections, building styles and other pertinent design considerations. The proposed guidelines shall be submitted to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council for approval.

  4. Adopt rules and procedures as necessary to provide for the orderly conduct of board meetings.

  5. Recommend the boundaries of the Historic District.

  6. Increase public awareness of the value of historic, cultural, and architectural preservation by encouraging and participating in public education programs developed by the Historic Preservation Officer.

  7. Provide recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council concerning the impact on historic preservation of proposed, announced or commenced actions by federal, state or local authorities that affect streets, alleys, publicly-maintained utilities and any other public spaces, areas, improvements, other features or zoning within, around or through any district.
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Should you have any questions or require additional information concerning the HPAB, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (972) 771-7745 or email planning@rockwall.com.