Neighborhood Notification Program

In order to provide residents with enhanced opportunities for participation in zoning cases within the City of Rockwall, the Planning and Zoning Department has created a Neighborhood Notification Program. This program aims to identify local Homeowner's Associations (HOAs) and other neighborhood groups and obtain accurate contact information for the purpose of providing notification of zoning cases that could potentially impact neighborhoods within 1,500 feet of the property requesting a zoning change or Specific Use Permit (SUP).

Why should my neighborhood participate?
By listing your HOA or neighborhood group, you or the designated neighborhood representative will receive notification concerning all zoning changes and Specific Use Permits (SUP) being requested within 1,500 feet of the boundaries of your subdivision or neighborhood. The information will include a summary of the request, a map depicting the subject property, the dates and times of all public hearings, and City staff contact information. The Planning and Zoning Department encourages each designee to forward the notification to residents within the neighborhood so that each resident has the opportunity to express their opinion regarding the zoning case.

How do I register my neighborhood?
To get started, please review the list of HOAs and neighborhood groups below to make sure that your organization is not already registered with the City. If your organization is not listed below or you need to make corrections to the information provided in the list, click on the "Neighborhood Notification Form" link below and fill out the form. Please only list a representative of the HOA or neighborhood group that has the contact information available to them for residents of the neighborhood and is willing to be responsible for the distribution of received notifications to those contacts.

How do I make changes to the Neighborhood Notification Program Map?
To make changes to the "Neighborhood Notification Program Map" please provide staff with a description or image of the boundaries of the HOA or Neighborhood Group. This can be done using one of the resources listed below.

Need help? Contact Us.
Should you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (972) 771-7745 or email


List of Registered HOA's or Neighborhood Groups