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Below you will find the latest information re: plans, permits, fire inspections and any recent code changes that may affect you. We look forward to working with you. If a permit is required, the topics below should prove helpful.


Additional links on this page provide access to the applications, checklists and information guides. These items will provide the critical information needed to successfully complete our commercial project plan review, permitting and inspections process.


Fire Codes
Fire Inspections & Investigations
Fire Marshal Division Fee Schedule



  • Fire Sprinkler Plans - new systems and system modifications
    not otherwise exempt – see below)
  • Fire Alarms Plans - new systems and system modifications
    (not otherwise exempt– see below)
  • Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Systems - new systems and system modifications
    (not otherwise exempt –see below)
  • Special Hazard Fire systems – new and modifications
  • Operational permits for Aerosol Products, High-Rack / Piled Storage, and Hazardous Materials

Submit your plans to a selected 3rd party review firm from our approved firm list (see below) prior to submitting for approval to our office. Submitted plans shall bear the stamp and signature of the 3rd party review firm and the contractor’s design professional.  Contractor shall pay all fees associated with 3rd party review directly to 3rd party firm. See below for a list of approved 3rd party firms. If you would like to utilize an alternative firm, please contact our office for approval.


Third Party Plan Review Firms List


STEP 1: Submit the following items to the Rockwall Fire Marshal Division for plan review & permit approval.


  • Underground Fire Sprinkler Lines
  • Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems
  • Access/Egress Control Systems
  • Tanks
  • Operational Permits for Fireworks, Trench Burns, Bonfires
  • Residential Burn Permits

Submit your plans directly to us through our online permit portal for review and permitting.



  • Fire Sprinkler: Plan submittal and permitting is only required for alterations/modifications involving 20 or more sprinkler heads, alterations/modifications to the system risers, and/or special applications (i.e. water curtains). Minor fire sprinkler system modifications (such as adding or relocating fewer than 20 heads) does not require plan submittal. Work not requiring plans submittal: Contractors shall install a white service tag indicating location (i.e. Suite #) and scope of work.

  • Fire Alarm/Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Systems: Minor fire alarm system modifications (such as adding horn/strobe for fire sprinkler monitoring or expanded notification coverage) do not require plan submittal. Work not requiring plans submittal: Contractors shall install a white service tag indicating location (i.e. Suite #) and scope of work (i.e. “Added horn/strobe”).


  • For all others not listed above - please contact our office for assistance.


Step 1: Please submit the following items via our online permit portal:

Step 2: Once your permit application has been reviewed and approved you will receive a link via email to download your permit and a stamped set of the plans. 


Step 3: Each type of permit has an associated guidelines document to assist you with submittal requirements and code compliance. Please carefully read the associated guidelines document.


Fire inspectors inspect new construction of buildings and structures and all existing commercial buildings and structures to identify fire hazards and to ensure that adopted fire codes are met. They also test and inspect fire protection systems and fire extinguishing equipment to ensure proper operation. Violations are documented and require a re-inspection to ensure compliance with the code requirements. Non-compliance of requirements are subject to citation and legal action.

If an inspection is associated with a fire permit, you will need to have the permit number available.  If you have questions regarding a fire inspection or a possible fire code violation please contact us.


To schedule an inspection, contact us at:
Phone: (972) 771-7774
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.