Geographic Information Systems

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 Activities Map
 City-Owned Properties
 Fire Districts
 Hospital District
 Neighborhood Improvement Services Map
 School Districts
 Street Map
 Topographic Map
 Warning Sirens
 Wet / Dry Alcohol Map

Aerial Map Book
Downtown Parking
Future Land Use Plan
I-30 Convenience
Police Beat Map
Sex Offender Locations
Subdivision Map
Water Network
Zoning Map

City Hall Location
Historical Places
I-30 Commercial Corridor
Sex Offender Prohibited Zones

Thoroughfare Plan
Urban Design Plan
Waste Water Network


 Dalton Ranch Park
 Football Stadium
 Harry Myers Park
 Jewel Park
 Lynden Park
 Raymond Cameron Lake
 Spring Sports Complex

Emerald Bay Park
Foxchase Park
Henry M Chandler Park
Leon Tuttle Athletic Complex
Meadowcreek Park
SH 66 Boat Ramp & Park
Windmill Ridge Park

Fontanna Park
Gloria Williams Park
Hickory Ridge Park
Lofland Park
Northshore Park
Shores Park
Yellow Jacket Park


 Animal Shelter & Gun Range
 City Facilities
 County Appraisal
 County Justice Center
 Fire Station No. 3
 Municipal Court
 Technology Park

City Service Center
County Courthouse
Fire Station No. 1
Fire Station No. 4
The Harbor

City Cemetery
County Annex
County Historic Courthouse
Fire Station No. 2
Ralph Hall Municipal Airport


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